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Welcome to The Last City of Lights!

This is the main wiki page for The Last City of Lights, a modern campaign set in Paris using house-ruled Vampire The Masquerade and Mage The Ascension 20th Anniversary edition rule sets.

This is an alternative-supernatural history World of Darkness, where the vampires and mages of Paris live under The Seine Accords and the Camarilla plays a much different part in vampire history.

World of Darkness – Alternative

For a walk through the alternate history of this World of Darkness, go to The WoD That Is , otherwise a bullet point summary of some of the key differences are below.

While all of the bloodlines and mage traditions exist in The Last City of Lights, there are some key differences:

  • Vampires can walk in the day, though their powers are dampened when in sunlight
  • Mages using magic in front of mortals risk attracting The Darkness Between Stars, an ancient entity that wants a return to the Nothing before creation
  • The Dark House of Dreaming are masters of possession who have given up their bodies and souls to the Darkness Between The Stars
  • The Icelandic Witches of Omengaur enforce The Seine Accords and are part mage, part vampire

Main Page

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